JAT Action Alert: 17 September 2003

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DATE:      17 September, 2003
TYPE: Action Item
SCOPE: Global
SUBJ: Solidarity Conference at Ohio State

On November 7th, hundreds of members of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (PSM), a group that actively supports terrorism, will converge on the Ohio State campus to hold a National Conference. The Solidarity Movement is meeting at Ohio State because the president of Rutgers, after examining the Movement's agenda, refused to give them meeting space on campus.

At its first National Conference, held at Berkley in February, 2002, the Solidarity Movement set as its goal the destruction of the State of Israel by any means necessary. Leaders of the movement have since specified that appropriate means include suicide bombing. At the second National Conference, held at the University of Michigan in October, 2002, delegates chanted "Kill the Jews."


Go to the following Web site:


They have created an excellent site that makes it very easy to generate email messages to all the people who could be involved in the decision to revoke permission to hold the PSM conference at OSU.

Select the link to "Automatically send emails opposing the conference" or, alternatively, go directly to that page at the following URL:


Fill in your contact information. For the letter itself, we recommend selecting and deleting everything in the "Step 2" text box and filling in a BRIEF LETTER in your own words (see our sample below) urging the University not to host the PSM because it is a group that supports terrorism.

Your letter will be instantly forwarded to the President of Ohio State, three Ohio daily newspapers, Governor Taft, and several other Ohio elected officials and university administrators.

We are also gathering signatures on a pair of petitions to prevent this conference from taking place at Ohio State.




All Ohio residents can sign the petition at:


You can also write or phone President Holbrook directly. Public officials tend to place more weight on paper communications, and it takes only a minute to print out and mail a letter.

President Karen A. Holbrook
Office of the President
The Ohio State University
205 Bricker Hall
190 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210-1357

phone: 614-292-2424
fax: 614-292-1231

You can email to President Holbrook directly, in care of her assistant, Pearl Bigfeather, at bigfeather.1@osu.edu.


The text of the following letter or one like it (without the salutation or closing) can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the text box in "Step 2" on the Web site above.

Dear President Holbrook,

I am distressed to learn that Ohio State is willing to host a group with an agenda so vile that they have been forbidden the use of the Rutgers campus.

The Palestinian Solidarity Movement actively supports terrorism. It sends young people to Israel where several have been arrested for abetting terrorists. It teaches hatred of Jews. It advocates violent solutions to political problems.

I urge Ohio State to act as responsibly as Dr. Richard L. McCormick of Rutgers has done, and tell this hate-group that supporters of terrorism are not welcome at Ohio State.

Sincerely yours,

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