JAT Action Alert: 18 November 2003

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DATE:      18 November, 2003
TYPE: Action Item
SCOPE: Boston Area
SUBJ: Protest Episcopal Church Support of Terrorism

Christ Church, Episcopal, in Harvard Square will be hosting a meeting of the International Solidarity Movement on Wednesday, November 19. Christ Church is not just innocently allowing the group to use their facilities; they also regularly assist the ISM financially. You can read the announcement for the meeting at:



Come and join a demonstration on Wednesday at 6:00 pm at Christ Church to protest the church's support of terrorism.

Christ Church is located on the Cambridge Common at Zero Garden Street, one block from the Harvard Square Red Line stop. Meter parking is available along the Common.


The International Solidarity Movement is a Palestinian-led organization that brings international "volunteers" to the territories to support the intifada. Volunteers have been arrested and deported for actions that include attempting to prevent the arrest of known terrorists. ISM leaders have made statements in support of terrorism, suicide bombing, and the destruction of the Jewish State.

The Prime Minister's Office has stated that: "Members of the ISM have been knowingly aiding and abetting terrorists and disrupting the activity of the IDF meant to prevent the murder of Israeli civilians."

See http://jat-action.org/ for documentation on ISM.

For more about Christ Church Cambridge, visit:


There are links on the home page to directions to the church.

You can learn more about the anti-Israel bias of Christ Church at the following page:


You will see how concerned they are about the suffering of Palestinians and how totally unconcerned they are with Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism. From what they say, you would think that the Palestinians have been nothing but a kind, peaceful, loving people, terrorized without any provocation by evil Israeli Jews.


Protest at Christ Church,
    Cambridge The photo shows the demonstration in progress. Most of the protesters were Christians, including some from the Episcopal-Jewish Alliance for Israel, who oppose what this Episcopal church is doing.

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