JAT Action Alert: 09 December 2003

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DATE:      09 December, 2003
TYPE: Action Item
SCOPE: Boston Area
SUBJ: Jewish Leaders Acting Against Government of Israel (1)

Protest Boston Jewish Leaders Who Organized Against the Elected Government of Israel.


Please read the background material below and then write your own letter to The Jewish Advocate (see the contact information below).

Letter writer options: Solomont and Lewis should resign from their community leadership positions, or they should be censured, or the CJP must find a way to stop this from happening ever again.

In addition, the CJP must distance itself from the Geneva plan to make clear it does not support an undermining of the elected government of Israel.

As Solomont and Lewis acted in an undemocratic way, not informing the JCRC or CJP of their intentions, and not debating the issue, to heal our community and reestablish the practice of democracy, the CJP and JCRC should hold community-wide debates on the Geneva Plan.


Boston's Jews hold widely divergent views on many issues, including of course on Israel. Our community operates according to a time-honored principle: that the leadership and the communal organizations support the elected government of the State of Israel -- regardless of their private political opinions. This agreement celebrates and respects Israel's democracy, and it serves to ensure that our community will not divide.

Alan Solomont, chairman of the board of directors of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and Geoffrey Lewis, past president of the Jewish Community Relations Council, publicized and advocated (on the front page of The Jewish Advocate) for the "Geneva peace plan" in opposition to the elected government of the Jewish state, and in contravention of the long-standing community principle that forbids Boston leaders of communal organizations to do precisely such a thing. If you did not see the article yourself, you can for the moment view the beginning of it on the Advocate's website at:


Their article contained an attempt at a disclaimer: they wrote that they were acting only as individuals and not as officials representing Boston Jewry. This simply does not hold water. They do represent the Boston Jewish community. They cannot divorce themselves from their leadership positions when it comes to political matters affecting Israel and Jews. They have a responsibility as leaders to reflect the sentiment of the community (the JCRC board did not discuss the matter), and to be guided by the overriding, time-honored principle of not opposing the elected government of Israel. They have broken faith with our community.


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