Sample JAT Information Alert:
Results of Cambridge Peace Commission Protest

DATE:	01 July, 2003
TYPE:	Information
SCOPE:	United States

SUBJ:	Results of Cambridge Peace Commission Protest

A JAT member who attended the protest demonstration that
was announced on Monday sent the following report. This
should encourage us to continue our efforts.


I thought that those of you who were unable to join us would
be interested to hear that tonight's protest outside the
Cambridge City Hall offices of the Cambridge Peace
Commission drew about 25 demonstrators. Passersby were
generally sympathetic. However, when the members of the
Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights, the Boston Support
Group of the International Solidarity Movement, began to
arrive for their meeting, things became amusing.

This is an extremely self-righteous group of people. They
were uniformly shocked by the idea that they were being

Several of the protestors followed them inside. They were so
horrified by the idea that their meeting was to be observed
that they adjourned.

It was amusing to see the members of the Boston Committee
for Palestinian Rights leave the building with their tails
between their legs. It does, however, raise the question of
what sort of business they could have been planning to
discuss that they cannot discuss in open session.


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