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Solidarity Movement Gloats Over Presbyterian Anti-Israel Actions

This message from a Solidarity Movement listserv is typical of numerous messages circulating on anti-Israel listservs gloating over the Presbyterian attack on Israel.


    We have all heard the great news that the Presbyterian Church has declared
    Israel an apartheid state and voted to stop investing in Israel. In a
    message originally sent by IAP NEWS it was reported that the vote was the
    huge majority of 431-62 taken during the first week of July at the 216th
    annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

    They are now under heavy Zionist attack by letter, telephone, fax, and and
    email. See their press release below. It is worth reading

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEAS send them an email of support. The fledgeling
    divestment movement must grow. Even a one sentence email such as "Thank you
    for your decision to divest from Israel." would be great. Just click on the
    web addresses below and write what your heart tells you. PLEASE DO IT
    Your message would go directly to the Stated Clerk of the General assembly
    of the church.


    -- JUST A FEW MINUTES -- PLEASE -- You can also telephone the 800 number or

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