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Prof. Michael Walzer on the Boycott Campaign Against Israel

[The following quote is from Professor Michael Walzer of Princeton, peace activist and author of the classic contemporary statement on the Christian/Western tradition of Just War morality, "Just and Unjust Wars." The quote appears online in his article entitled "The Four Wars of Israel/Palestine" in the Fall 2002 issue of Dissent Magazine at the following link. He repeats it in his new book "Arguing About War," Yale University Press, 2004, p. 129.]

"The current boycott campaign against Israel, modeled on the 1980s campaign against South Africa, aims at a very one-sided delegitimation. And because the other side isn't led by an organization remotely like the African National Congress, or by a man remotely like Nelson Mandela, the success of this campaign would be disastrous. It would strengthen the forces fighting the (Palestinian war to destroy the state of Israel)."

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