What Is JAT.Boston and How Do I Join?

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The JAT.Boston list is used to announce Israel-related programs that take place in the Greater Boston area. It was created so that JAT members who do not live near Boston would not have to receive announcements for programs they could not attend.


We urge all JAT members who live in the Greater Boston area to sign up for the JAT.Boston list as well.

JAT.Boston uses Topica, a free mailing list server, to distribute its messages. To subscribe, follow these instructions.

  1. Send an email message (the subject and body can contain anything, or even nothing) to the following address (you can probably just click on the link below):


  2. Topica will extract your email address from header information that accompanies email messages, and they will then send to that address a confirmation message. You will be added to the subscriber list only if you confirm your subscription according to the instructions in that message. (The simplest action is just to hit the "reply" button in your mailer to send the confirmation back to Topica. The confirmation message contains a reference number that identifies your subscription.) These anti-spam measures ensure that no one will be added to Topica lists except at their specific request.

Note that while Topica does allow us to delete addresses from the subscriber database, it does not allow us to add or edit the addresses. People can join only by subscribing themselves as described above. This means that if your email address should change, you should resubscribe from the new address by following the instructions above. You can unsubscribe the old address as described below or send us email asking us to delete the old address.

[Note: Topica adds to the messages small, inoffensive advertisements (except for some for tobacco products). Since it would be quite expensive to use a commercial service, we put up with these ads.]

Canceling Your Subscription

There is no risk in trying out JAT.Boston, as you can easily unsubscribe by following the simple instructions included with every JAT.Boston message. In fact, each message contains, at the very end, a link that you can click to unsubscribe yourself instantly. (This is the only way to cancel a subscription for an email account that is no longer active. We recommend saving at least one old JAT.Boston message for this purpose.) You can also unsubscribe by sending a message to JAT.Boston-UNsubscribe@topica.com.

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